Solutions Consultant

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Full-time
  • Customer Success

Who we're looking for?

Individuals with excellent analytical and communication skills, both written and verbal. The individual must also be passionate about technology and emerging trends in businesses.

What's the work like?

We build cutting edge Cloud based solutions which are used by over 30,000 companies around the world, predominantly in the US, Australia and Canada. We reach out to them regularly via emails, calls, support guides, blogs, newsletters and support forums. You will be expected to work US hours in a rotation. You can work late hours from home. Our primary goal is to maximize the value we provide and back it up with stellar customer experience. Our belief is that a value driven strategy is required for long term growth rather than being solely revenue driven.

You are going to play a central role in this exciting and evolving space by being:

  • Quick to understand customer requirements, identify our product's value for them and then ensure optimal usage of our product

  • Fanatical about customer success and delivering long-term value to the customer

  • Excited about driving and tracking a consistent engagement process with all customers

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Passionate about technology and using it as a game changer for businesses

Key Activities

Your typical day will be spent in these activities:

  1. Onboarding: New customer onboarding is the most important task of a customer success associate. It involves working closely with corporate customers to identify their key needs and mapping them to our product.

  2. Account Escalations: support or respond to alerts, red flags, poor health and queries from the customer.

  3. Renewals: Customer renewals are a key measure of success in SaaS. Hence follow up on current month renewals to avoid any last minute surprises.

  4. Upsell Campaigns: Upsell, expansion and upgrades are the three core ways in which Customer Success can drive their portfolio growth.

  5. Periodic health checks: SaaS companies cannot leave even the healthiest, happiest or oldest customers to chance. Determining health of assigned accounts periodically is an important activity.

  6. Advocacy: Relationship management with clients needs to be worked on and consists of multiple tasks including driving feature requests for the customer, getting client to provide a , case study, or the good old referral.

  7. Research: Understanding the verticals that use our software(s) and becoming an expert in that area. This involves both understanding industry best practices as well as the competition.

  8. Sales: Connect with prospective clients (individually and/ or in conjunction with Sales team) to provide product demonstrations, assist with product evaluation and workflow mapping. 

There is no ceiling on salary for the positions, the only criteria being that your abilities must define it rather than experience years or the receding hairline or the past package or the growing waistline etc