2021 Graduates

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Full-time
  • Engineering/ Development

Are you on the lookout for a software engineering firm where mediocrity is frowned upon? Where every engineer is passionate about technology as you? Where the energy levels are so high, they’re intoxicating?

Developers: If you aced your programming projects during your BSc/MSc in Computer Science, we'd like to speak to you and get you on board! We’re in search of engineers who live and breathe excellence and are willing to dive into opensource code as well as release their own ‘gems'. If you have programmed in  Java, C#, C++ or similar OO language and can apply appropriate algorithms and data structures to interesting/unique problems, 7Vals is the place for you.

Product Managers: If you're excited about working on the next BIG thing, understand what it takes to bring an idea to life in software, have opinions on every feature on the mobile apps that you use, then this is your ideal place!

Tech Writers: Can you point out grammatical mistakes in this job description? We left them in just for you to identify in the 'list your strengths section'.

Customer Success: Do you enjoy speaking with potential and existing customers to help solve their problems. Like speaking and assisting C-level to Administrators in Fortune500's to startups? To use appropriate tools to measure the satisfaction of groups of individuals while selectively observing to confirm your hypothesis. Are you a natural people person? Then this is your dream job!


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