Product Manager CMMS

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Full-time
  • Product Management

We build cutting edge Cloud based solutions which are used by over thousands of companies around the world, predominantly in the US, Canada and Australia. Our customers include NASA, 3M, Disney, Amazon, and many others. With such a diverse user base, there are countless ways that a Product Manager will make an impact in our fast growing organization.

As a Product Manager you will be responsible for defining the path of the product, working to implement the vision by writing specification documents, design diagrams and adoption of agile practices. You will interact with existing customers to find common pain points and their solutions as well as innovation areas that will position us as the thought leaders in the industry. You should have excellent analytical and communication skills and must also be passionate about technology and emerging trends in businesses.


  • Research: Determine the best practices and processes used for equipment maintenance for specific scenarios and diagram these workflows.

  • Plan: For each of the above workflows, determine the steps needed in a software application. Write down these steps as clear instructions for the software application should do.  

  • Build: Work with software engineers to build these steps into a software feature. 

  • Test: Work with manufacturing, construction, or medical equipment customers to see if the software application helps them with their maintenance processes. 

  • Compare: Compare our maintenance software to other software competitors to see how we are the best in meeting the needs of maintenance managers.


  • Maintenance Expertise: Deep experience and knowledge of equipment maintenance in manufacturing, construction, or medical equipment. 

  • Maintenance Process Expertise: Understands the workflows and processes used by maintenance managers for high value equipment.

  • Technical Communication: Able to draw diagrams and flowcharts of maintenance workflows and write down the steps of these flows in clear instructions.

  • Maintenance Software Applications: Has used maintenance applications for maintenance processes. 

  • Possess effective communication, collaboration, and organizational skills.

  • Be able to use data and numbers to evaluate situations, problems and solutions. 

  • BS in any technical field. 

  • Past experience in Product Management is not required, however we do expect that you will read up beforehand on the role of a product manager (not project manager) in a software company.


Product management is one of the fastest growing job roles in the world. If you’re looking for a fast track career in the tech industry, this is once in a lifetime opportunity. You will work with some of the best and learn what it takes to build a product that businesses depend on for their operational needs. 

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